Carproof Vs Carfax: A Vehicle History Report Comparison

In terms of used vehicle history reports, the debate over Carproof Vs Carfax continues to take place among car shoppers. Acquiring history reports is an indispensable aspect of used car shopping for a number of reasons. First, these reports can alert you to any major issues with the car you are considering. Whether it be previous accidents, damage sustained, incidence of water damage, or odometer verification, this type of information is crucial when bargaining for your new car. Second, in many instances, the seller of the car may not even be aware of the issues present. Since most used cars have had multiple owners, the current owner may not have been privy to certain information at the time of their purchase. Indeed, the only sure way to get a detailed history on a prospective vehicle is to utilize a VIN number check service. But if you are considering Carproof Vs Carfax, how can you be sure which is better?

Carproof Vs Carfax: Reviews of Both Services

Carproof Vs CarfaxIn terms of brand recognition, the Carfax Vs Carproof debate certainly has a clear favorite. Carfax has become a household name, and is known for offering detailed reports. Thousands of customers have benefited from Carfax’s services, and their prices are quit reasonable, as well. For $34.99, customers receive one full report on a used car of their choice. By providing the VIN number, the car’s complete history is revealed, helping shoppers make more informed decisions. Carfax’s second option costs $44.99, and consists of 5 used vehicle history reports. This package is the most common, as most shoppers consider more than one car at a time. Another facet of the Carproof Vs Carfax argument has to do with buyback protection. Carfax offers to buy back any car which presents problems not revealed in their reports. At present, Carproof does not offer this service.

On the flip side of the Carproof Vs Carfax debate is the Canadian agency which has made a name for itself as a trustworthy reporting company. The most glaring difference between the two companies is cost. Carproof charges $49.95 per report and, unlike Carfax, does not have a discount package for multiple reports. The greater cost is somewhat justified, though, as Carproof utilizes real-time data to compile reports. Most companies base their information on periodic sets of data. Furthermore, Carproof offers bilingual reports, and as a Canadian company, provides some information which may otherwise be unavailable in the United States. For Canadian shoppers, the decision of Carproof Vs Carfax is relatively straightforward, although US citizens can certainly benefit from Carproof reports, too.

Carproof Vs Carfax: Other VIN Number Check Alternatives

Aside from the Carproof Vs Carfax argument, there are a number of other used vehicle reporting companies. One such agency is AutoCheck. AutoCheck strikes the perfect balance between comprehensive, in-depth information and one of the lowest prices on the market. For $29.99, customers receive a single history report which contains all the information present in a Carfax report. More impressively, AutoCheck offers unlimited reports over a period of one month for $44.99, a far more cost-effective option than Carfax’s 5 report package. If you are considering many different used vehicles, you may not need to consider the Carproof Vs Carfax debate, as AutoCheck is certainly the most ideal choice.

AutoCheck’s Buyback Protection is another service which easily trumps all the talking points of the Carproof Vs Carfax debate. Like Carfax, AutoCheck offers to buyback any cars which present problems undetected in their report. However, AutoCheck also covers up to $500 in aftermarket accessory costs, something no other agency does.

If you are in the midst of shopping for a new car and are trying to solve the mystery of Carproof Vs Carfax, perhaps your best option is to look elsewhere and consider AutoCheck. In terms of features, detailed information, and cost, AutoCheck is by far the best deal in used vehicle history reports.

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